About us

Staff distribution structure according to departments (total 26 people)

  • 35% - Department of technology
  • 25% - Department of analytics
  • 18% - Administration
  • 12% - Department of inside projects
  • 10% - Department of design

Smart group of companies entered the market of informational systems development in 2004. The main profile of the company is providing quality service in the field of development of web-oriented software on outsource basis.

In the process of our development we have got over a considerable way starting from a team of talented programmers to a full value business-oriented company able to formalize the task, to estimate its resource-intensiveness and implement it in a defined period of time.Despite of the fact that people are the main assets of the company, we are sure that namely the consistency and technological effectiveness of our approach constitute that basis on which a long-term and mutually rewarding cooperation with the clients is built. You can get more detailed information on the technologies we deploy on page «Technologies».

We are sure that the objective of any business is getting profit with the aim of further development. Nevertheless we sincerely consider it necessary to lend support by our professional knowledge and abilities to the disabled part of the society whose desires cannon be realized due to financial reasons. Thus we conduct a nonprofit social project. A site for people with restricted physical abilities www.dislife.ru - is entirely developed and supported by the staff of our company!